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SZCZYPTA ORIENTU została przeniesiona na nowy adres - http://szczyptaorientu.wordpress.com/

Od tej chwili wszystkie nowe tłumaczenia będą zamieszczane JEDYNIE i WYŁĄCZNIE pod nowym adresem.
Znajdziecie tam też wszystkie do tej pory już zamieszczone (chwilowo jeszcze trwają prace nad ich edycją i dostosowaniem do nowej strony).
Jeśli chcecie skomentować jakąś piosenkę (do czego serdecznie zapraszam i doceniam) to proszę, róbcie to już pod nowym adresem

Jeśli jesteście naszymi obserwatorami, zapraszam do dodania naszego nowego adresu http://szczyptaorientu.wordpress.com/ do Waszej listy czytelniczej (jeśli jesteście użytkownikami bloggera, robicie to korzystając z przycisku DODAJ na głównym panelu sterowania)

Tłumaczenia OST A-M

Oprócz głównego spisu tłumaczeń dorzucam dodatkowo spis przetłumaczonych piosenek należących do OST. Mam nadzieję, że to okaże się pomocne:).

7th Level Civil Servant
AshGrey - Don't know how to love
Han Byul - I'll be there for you
Junho feat. Taecyeon - My way to you/Path towards you
Melody Day - What to do
Park Ji Hun - Flowers bloom
SpinEL - You should've told me

A Gentleman's Dignity 
Jang Dong Gun - More than me
Kim Min Jong - Beautiful pain
Kim Tae Woo - High high
Lee Hyun - My heartsore
Lee Jong Hyun - My love
Yang Pa - Love... What to do?

Ahjussi/The Man from Nowhere
Mad Soul Child - Dear

A Love to Kill
C-Luv - How did it happen?
Glue - Don't fool me
Glue - Easy
HowL - No more
K. Will - Dream
Lee Soon Young - A love to kill
Lim Hyun Jung - Reunion
Shin Seung Hoon - It's still love
Z'ta - Aeroo

Arang and the Magistrate
Baek Ji Yong - Love and love
Jang Ja In - Fantasy
Kim Bo Kyung - Surprised
K.Will - Love is you
Lee Jun Ki - One day
Lee Ki Chan - Shout out
MC Sniper - Mask dance
Shin Min Ah - Black moon
Yoon Do Hyun - My secret dream
Yoo Seung Chan -Mirage

Baby-Faced Beauty
Jang Nara - Snowman in May
Jung Dan (Boo Hwal) - Love is a friend of longing
Kim Sung Hyun - Sick/So it hurts

Bad Guy
4 man - Don't laugh, don't cry
Jung Yeop - Monologue
Jung Yeop - Thorn Flower

Bel Ami/Pretty Boy
5live - Lovely girl
Bebop - Bel ami
Lunafly - Poor sense of direction
Melody Day - I have a person that I love

Shin Cho I - Bad

BEAST - Hateful person
Davichi - Because it's you
Gong Yoo - Because it's you
Huh Gak- One person
Noel - if you love
Suzy - I still love you
Venny - Hey U

Boys Before/Over Flowers
Kim Yoo Kyung - Starlight tears
Lee Min Ho - My everything
SHINee - Stand by me
SS501 - Because I'm stupid

Bridal Mask
4men - Couldn't do it
Bohemian - You in my arms
Gavy NJ - When the sun sets
Joo Won - love and love
Melody Day - That one word
Ulala Session - Goodbye day

Brilliant Legacy 
K. Will - Love is punishment

City Hunter
Goo Ha Ra - I love you, I want you, I need you
Kim Bo Kyung - Suddenly 
Park Gyu Ri - Look only at you
Son Han Byul - Unstoppable
Yang Hwa Jin - It's alright

Dating Agency: Cyrano (drama)
Big Baby Driver - In the same storm
Jessica - That one person, you
Peppertones - Chance!
Ra.D - Something flutters

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
As One - Do I have to be sorry
Izy - Emergency room
Jiny - Free II
Kim Hyung Sup - I love you
Lim Hyung Joo - Happiness is fading
Park Yong Suk - Queen
Zoo - I will love you

Dream High
Taecyeon, Kim Soo Hyun, Suzy, Eunjung - Dream High

Dream High 2 
HershE - Superstar
Jinwoon - Sorry
Jinwoon - Starlight is falling
Jinwoon, Kang So Ra, JR., Kim Ji Soo - B class life
Lee Ki Chan - Painful love
Park Jin Young - Falling
Suzy - You are my star
YeEun - Hello to myself
Yoon Do Hyun, Park Ji Yeon - Together

Empire of Gold
4men - Love love love
ALi - In my dream
Yeon Gyu Sung - Engraved in my heart

Empress Ki
4men - Thorn love
Park Wan Kyu - Wind
Soyu (SISTAR) - Just once/Once more
Wax - Love wind
Xiah Junsu - I love you

ALi - Carry on
Jang Hye Jin & MC Sniper - Bad person
One Piece - Because it's you
Rumble Fish - Love
Shin Yong Jae - Because my steps are slow/Walking slow
Sung Hoon - Look at you/I see you
Young Jun - Wind song
Younha - Teardrop

Flower Boy Next Door/My Flower Boy Neighbor
J Rabbit - Talkin' bout love
Kim Seul Ki feat. Ko Kyung Po - I wake up because of you
Lee Jung - I wish it was you
Park Shin Hye - Pitch black
Romantic Punch - Ready merry go
Yoon Shi Yoon - I want to date you

Full House
Ailee - Love note
A-Treez - Hello miss
Monday Kiz - My love
TAP - Baby cry
Take One - Touch

Block B - Burn out
K.Will - Burn out
Lee Ki Chan - How
Lee Soo Young - Tears fall because I miss you
MBLAQ - Ghost (We used to love)
Shin Bora - I miss you so I cry

Good Doctor
2BiC - I am in love
Baek Ji Yong - Is crying
Eye to Eye - Can you see
Ha Dong Gyun - Looks good
Joo Won - If I could/were
Joo Won - Love medicine
Kim Jong Kook - How come you don't know
Lee Young Hyun - Miracle
Various Artists - Dacapo

Goong/Princess hours
Syeo Hyeon Jin - Give me a little try

Green Rose
Just - Green rose

Gu Family Book
4men - Only you 
Baek Ji Yong - Sprong rain
Lee Ji Young - Love is blowing
Lee Sang Gon - My love is hurt
Lee Seung Gi - Last word
Shin Jae - Will you be my love rain
Suzy - Don't forget me
The One - Best wishes to you
Yisabel - My Eden

CN Blue - Because I miss you
CN Blue - You've fallen for me
FT Island - Even if it's not necessary
Jung Yong Hwa - Comfort song
Kang Min Hyuk - Star
M Signal - So give me a smile
Oh Won Bin - Not only friends
Park Shin Hye - The day we fall in love

Heaven's Postman
Z'ta - Rainy Sunday

2Young - Serendipity
Big Baby Driver - Here for you
Big Baby Driver - Some other day
Big Baby Driver - What we used to be
Changmin (2AM) - Moment
Choi Jin Hyuk - Don't look back
Cold Cherry - Growing pain 2
Esna - Bite my lower lip
Ken (VIXX) - In the name of love
Lee Hongki (FT Island) - I's saying
Lee Min Ho - Painful love
Lena Park - My wish
Moon Myung Jin - Crying again
Park Jang Hyun - Two people
Park Jang Hyun, Park Hyun Kyu - Love is...
Park Shin Hye - Story

History of Salaryman
Leeteuk & Key - Bravo

I Am Legend
Kim Jung Eun - To you (Dear music)

I Do I Do
Alex - If it were me
Kim Tae Hyung - Like the first time
Lee Won Suk - Running man
Park Ji Yoon - I do
Yesung - her over flowers

I Hear Your Voice
Every Single Day - Echo
Jung Yeop - Why did you come now
Kim Yeon Ji - In my eyes
Melody Day - Sweetly lalala
Narae - The days we were happy
Shin Seung Hoon - Words you can't hear

I Miss You
Byul & Shorry J - Reminds me of you
Jung Dong Ha - Look at you
Lee Seok Hoon - Don't love me
Wax - Tears are falling

Incarnation of Money
EXID - Up & down
Ivy - Memories of you
Jang Jae In - The day for you
Kim Ji Soo - Chance
P-Type, Swings feat. Kang Min Hee - Money
Seo In Young - You are the love

I Need Romance
G.O (MBLAQ) - You
Lee Hyori - Don't cry

Big Bang - Hallelujah

Amy - Everyday let you go
BEAST - Black Paradise
Davichi - Don't you know
G.O.&Mir - What a fool I am
Noel - How is it going
So Hyang - Don't forget me
Soul Cry- I love you

Kim of Baking, Kim Tak Gu/Bread, Love and Dreams
KCM - Love you to death
Lee Seung Chul - That person

King of Dramas
E2RE - Crappy love
Lee Hyun - Engraved in my heart
MBLAQ - Winter day
Melody Day - All looks like you
Yesung - Blind in love

K-POP The Ultimate Audition/Strongest K-pop Survival
GO&Mir -I already knew
M2 - Stand up

Lie to Me
As One feat EZ-Life - Lovin' ice cream
Gayoon - Shameless lie
M to M - Really wanna say hello

Love 911/Bandage
Noel - Love 911

Love Rain
Jang Geun Suk - Love rain
Na Yoon Kwon - Love is like rain
Seo In Gook - Destiny (Like a fool)
Tiffany - Because it's you
Yozoh - Again and again

Yim Jae Bum - Confession

Loving You a Thousand Times
Kim Heechul - First star

Man from the Stars/Me Love from Another Star/You, Who Came from the Stars
Hyorin - Hello
K.Will - Like a star
LYn - My destiny
Younha - You who came from stars

Marry Him If You Dare/Future Choice
Cyndi - Paradise
Jeon Geun Hwa - Casting love
Kim Tae Woo - My lady
Melody Day - Only me
Park Hyo Shin - It's you
Yuna (AOA) - I'm ok

Mary Stayed Out All Night
Jang Geun Suk - Hello, hello
Jang Geun Suk - I will promise you
Jang Geun Suk - My bus!
Jang Geun Suk - My precious

Medical Top Team
John Park - Light
Melody Day - Can you feel me
Mooy & Miro - I hear you

Me Too, Flower
BEAST - I dream/Dream/Dreaming
Kim Seung Ah - Love fool
Suzy - So many teras
Taru - I hope you can be

Ha Yeon Soo - Practice
Ha Yeon Soo, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Cho Eun - Atlantis Princess
J Rabbit - Light sleep (I will be yor love)
Junhyung (BEAST), BTOB - After time passes
Junhyung (BEAST), BTOB - First love
Junhyung (BEAST), BTOB, He Yeon Soo - Past days
Kang Ui Sik - To you who hopes for my despair
Monstar Colorbar - Don't make me cry
Monstar Colorbar - This is my world & march

Mr. Go
Taeyeon (SNSD) - Bye

Muscle Girl
FT Island - Itsuka

My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho 
Lee Sun Hee - Fox rain 

My Mighty Princess
MC Mong - Because I'm a man 

My P.S. Partner/Whatcha Wearin'?
Ji Sing - Show me your panty
Ji Sing, Kim Ah Joong - Sexy jingle bells
Kim Ah Joong - Show me your heart

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