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SZCZYPTA ORIENTU została przeniesiona na nowy adres - http://szczyptaorientu.wordpress.com/

Od tej chwili wszystkie nowe tłumaczenia będą zamieszczane JEDYNIE i WYŁĄCZNIE pod nowym adresem.
Znajdziecie tam też wszystkie do tej pory już zamieszczone (chwilowo jeszcze trwają prace nad ich edycją i dostosowaniem do nowej strony).
Jeśli chcecie skomentować jakąś piosenkę (do czego serdecznie zapraszam i doceniam) to proszę, róbcie to już pod nowym adresem

Jeśli jesteście naszymi obserwatorami, zapraszam do dodania naszego nowego adresu http://szczyptaorientu.wordpress.com/ do Waszej listy czytelniczej (jeśli jesteście użytkownikami bloggera, robicie to korzystając z przycisku DODAJ na głównym panelu sterowania)

Tłumaczenia OST N-Z

Oprócz głównego spisu tłumaczeń dorzucam dodatkowo spis przetłumaczonych piosenek należących do OST. Mam nadzieję, że to okaże się pomocne:).

Nice guy/Innocent man 
Cho Eun - Good person
Lee Soo Young - Nice girl
Song Joong Ki - Really
Son Ho Young - I only wanted you
Xia Junsu - Snowflake

Kim Yeon Woo - Because it's you
Lee Ji Hye - Nine scents
Natthew - Och please
Urban Zakapa - Just a little bit
Youme - Sob story

No Breathing 
Yuri, Masyta Band - Bling star
Yuri, Masyta Band - Twinkle twinkle

Oh! My lady
Choi Siwon - Worthless

On Air
FT Island - One word

Padam Padam... the sound of his and her heartbeats
FIX - Beacuse it's you
HwanHee - Don't go
JeA - Fool for you
Kim Yeon Ji - Love is right
Noel - To live/In order to live

Panda and Hedgehog
Super Junior KRY - Loving you

Passionate Goodbye/Rockin' On Heaven's Door
FT Island - Orange sky
Lee Hong Ki (FT Island) - Goodbye
Lee Hong Ki (FT Island) - Jump

After that day

Yang Yoseob - No

Que sera sera
W & Whale - Moonrise

Queen Inhyun's Man
Joo Hee - Same sky different time
Kim So Jung - You have come
Kim Young Jae - Really once

Queen of Ambition
Ailee - Ice flower
Bae Knight - It's time to say goodbye
JK Kim Dong Wook - Nail
Kim Nam Gil - You don't know
Lee Jin Sung - I love you I hate you
Lee Young Hyun - I guess not
Position - There is no love

Queen of Office
10cm - Maybe
Kim Tae Woo - I'm a fool
Younha - Greeting from afar

Reply 1994
B1A4 - With you
Hi.Ni. - I can't have you
Lim Kim - Happy me
Roy Kim - Seoul, here
Sung Shi Kyung - To you

Reply 1997/Answer to 1997/Answer me 1997 
Jung Eun Ji & Seo In Gook - All for you

R2B: Return To Base
Horgyu - Near the sun
M.I.B. - My way

Rooftop Prince
ALi - Hurt
Baek Ji Young - After long time
Jay Park - Happy ending
Xiah Junsu - I don't like love

Lee Ji Hye - Get off
Masyta Band - I
Sonya - I hope
The Position - Last love of my life
Ulala Session - Draw you out

Scent of a Woman
JK Kim Dong Wook - Bucket list
Kim Ha Nul - Bluebird
Lee Dong Wook, Kim Sun Ah - Us, again
Lee Young Hyun - Response
MBLAQ - You and I
Shes - Better tomorrow
Xiah Junsu - You are so beautiful

School 2013
4Minute - Welcome to the school
J-Min - Beautiful days
Kim Bo Kyung - Blue/Tree frog
Kim Bo Kyung - I don't think you're alone
New Life Church Kids - Looking up

Secret/Secret Love
Ailee - Because of tears/Tears stole heart
Eru - Secret
Goo Ja Myung - That person
Kim Bo Kyung - Want to go back in time
Kim Jisook ft. Outsider - Secret love
Navy feat. Kebee - Incurable disease

Secret Garden
4men - Reason
4men & Mi - Here I am
Baek Ji Yong - That woman
Bebe Mignon - One woman
BIOS - Scar
Jeong Ha Yoon - You are my everything
Kim Bum So - You appear/Natana
Mi - I can't
Oska - Liar
Oska - Looking/Watching/Gazing
Oska - Tears stains/Contellation of tears
Sung Si Kyung - You are my spring

Secretly Greatly
Lee Hyun Woo - An ode to youth

Shut Up Flower Boy Band/Flower Boy Band: Eye Candy 
Kim Min Seok - Somehow/How come/How, you
L & Kim Ye Rim - Love you like you
Sung Joon - Jaywalking
Sung Joon - Wake up

Smile, You
Melo' Breeze - Goodbye my love

Spy Myung Wol/Beautiful spy 
Bobby Kim - Afraid of love
Bobby Kim & Gilme - While we can love
Lena Park - More than anyone in this world
Ryeowook - If you love me more
Stellar - Loving u

Sungkyunkwan scandal
Jaejoong - To you it's separation for me it's waiting
Jung Sun Ah - Love is
JYJ - Found you
Kim Dong Wook - Sad to say
Lee Min Young - Youth scandal
Xiah Junsu - Too love
Yeon Jung - Drawing you

Mad Soul Child - Breath

That Winter the Wind Blows
Gummy -Snowflake
SPICA - Tears fallin'
Taeyeon - And one
The One - Winter love
Yesung - Gray paper

The Classic
Delispice - Me to you, you to me

The greatest love
G.Na - Because you're my man
Huh Gak - Don't forget me
IU - Hold my hand

The Heirs patrz -> Heirs

The King 2Hearts 
K. Will - Love is crying
Hyung Sung - Only you
J-Min - I can't say it
Lee Yoon Ji - First love
Taeyeon - Missing you like crazy

The King's Dream
Jessica - Heart road/way
Jonghyun - One out of hundred

The Master's Sun
Gummy - Day and night
Hong Dae Kwang - You and I 
Hyorin (SISTAR) - Driving me crazy
Jung Dong Ha (Bohwal) - Mystery
Melody Day - All about
Seo In Guk - No matter what 
Youme feat. Joosuc - Last one

The Moon That Embraces The Sun
HeOra - Moonlight is setting
Kim Soo Hyun - Another way
Kim Soo Hyun - The one and only you
Lee Ki Chan - I hope it's not
Lyn - Back in time
Monday Kiz - Shadow
Wheesung - Path of tears

The Queen's Classroom
SHINee - Green rain
Sunny (SNSD) - The 2nd drawer

The Sun and the moon
LYn - Rain down

The Werewoolf Boy
John Park - Childlike
Park Bo Young - My prince

Time between dog and wolf
Lee Soo - Foolish heart

Time slip dr. Jin
Changmin, Seulong - Path of tears
Jaejoong - Living like a dream
Ok Ju Hyun - Now or forever
Song Seun Hun - Last love
Zia - Will you come

To the beautiful you/For you in full blossom 
Dana - Maybe we
Jessica & Krystal - Butterfly
J-Min - Stand up
Kyuhyun & Tiffany - To the beautiful you
Onew - In your eyes
Sunny & Luna - It's me
Super Junior KRY - Sky
Taemin - U
Taeyeon - Closer

Two Weeks
Ahn Ye Seul - Love leaves
DickPunks - This is the person
Kim Bo Kyung - Heart hit
Nell - Run
The One - Don't cry my love
Yoo Seung Woo - The day you come

Vampire prosecutor, Vampire prosecutor 2
Lee Jung - Crazy for love
MC Sniper feat. Lee Nu, Kim Seo Hyun - Danger

What is mom
INFINITE - She's a fantasy

What's up 
Daesung - Lunatic
Daseung - This is the moment

White night
Yoo Hee Yeol & Kim Jong Wan - Who I wish to be 

Who Are You
Gajame Boyscout - Happy
TrickyNeko - Our story
Yoo Seung Eun - Because love grows

Wild romance
Byul - Because it's still you
Dong Woo - Will it hurt
J-Min - Hello, love
Jessica, Kim Jin Pyo - Perhaps (What to do)
Lim Jeong Hee - Filament
Oh Man Suk - How could I change

You're beautiflul
9th Street - Without saying/words 
Jang Geun Suk - Goodbye
Jang Geun Suk - What should I do
Kim Dong Wook - My heart's calling 
Lee Hong Ki - Promise 
Lee Hong Ki - Still/As ever

You're my pet
Jang Geun Suk, Kim Ha Neul - You're my pet

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